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Sensual massage, specially meant for those men who willing to discover a new dimension of their senses. It is a great way to build intimacy and closeness with massage partner, where the boundaries that apply in other massages don’t apply to sensual massage.

Since the two of you, masseuse & you are in such a situation where exploration of emotions and intimacy are at its peak. It’s mean that you don’t need to worry about draping or avoid intimate areas to be touched. The basic aim of a sensual massage is to achieve happy ending, where a massage session ends with sexual touch and orgasm, usually through a rub.

Basically, sensual massage is a combination of techniques, to give pleasure through touch to the recipient. It’s is a skill, and it’s helpful to learn some basic techniques so that what you do actually feels good;

  1. Shiatsu
  2. Compression
  3. Stroking
  4. Friction
  5. Kneading
  6. Rubbing

Be attentive to the sensations, feel the joy of sensuousness……….

Sensual massage starts with a small round of relaxation massage, whose intention is to disconnect your mind and body from the daily worries and tensions. Your only job is to stay present to the touch that is being presented and to take breaths. Make this a deep continuous breath, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Breath like this helps keep you in the present moment and also helps move the sexual energy through your whole body.

Then, a state of insightful peace and serenity is regained through intimate contact between your body and the entire body of the masseuse. You will leisurely feel the happiness, warmth, charm and sensuality. After such a sensual massage session, you will feel peaceful and relaxed. But you will also astonished and delighted to the refined exploration of your own sensorial universe with the feeling of connecting again to your inner peace and harmony.

This experience will make your passions grow stronger and deeper. We help you to align your sensual self with the physical self. Once you awaken to this and realize the depths of pleasure, it will improve your skills of lovemaking. You will love the benefits, as your whole body senses come near to life!

Sensual Massage Services from Oriental Girls not only provide you immense sensual feel but also give olfactory sensations, due to the volatile natural oils, we carefully select them for you which have the role of introducing you through wonderful fragrances in unforgettable heavens.
Be confident that any of our massages will enchant and relax you and will bring you a plus of happiness in your life.